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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

In fitness there are four core principles of exercise. Which can help you to recognize how your body respond and adopt when you exercise. Training adaptation is also depending on many factors like health, performance, and genetics. Four exercise principles are -

1. Overload principle

2. Specificity principle

3. Reversibility principle

4. Individuality principle

Overload Principle – When you consistently overload a system in your body, It will respond and implement. An example of overload principle is cardiovascular system. When we consistently do cardio training, our respiratory system respond and adopt. It results in stronger and healthier heart.

Specificity Principle – when we train single system or a specific muscle in our body so that specific muscle or system will only respond and adopt. An example of specificity principle is weight training. If you do bicep curls only your bicep’s muscles will respond and adopt.

Reversibility Principle- Inactivity or detraining will lead to return in starting position. Drop training for weeks and months can lead to baseline.

Individuality Principle – Body also adopt and respond according to genetics. So we can’t predict that two different individual would get similar outcome after equal training.

Hope these exercise principle will help to understand how body respond and adopt during training. Understanding of human body and it’s internal environment is important to get better outcome.

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