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In previous blogs we understood about Homeostasis, BMI(Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).These are the basic things you should definitely know before setting your goals.

Setting goals are very important in fitness. It helps to track that you are getting result or not. Setting goals are necessary to be focused, motivated and for sustain longer period of time.

How you should design your goal. Now lets talk about it .Your goal should be "SMART". SMART stands for specific measurable attainable realistic time bound .

S - Specific goal, set one goal at a time like - weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, fat loss etc.

M - Measurable - check your BMI(Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), BCA (Body Composition Analysis)

A - Attainable-it should be attainable .or possible to achieve. You should never choose goals like 6 packs. It is not possible to achieve in beginning. It should be fix like 3 kg in a month or couple of month.

R - Realistic- Relevant or easy to achieve . Why it is important to set easy goal in beginning . It is important because when you will achieve your goal you will feel motivated , confident, and positive . Which will work like a booster for your next goal.

T - Time bound- is about set your goals time , like 1 months ,3 months ,6 months etc. Time bound will push you towards your goal. It will help you to sustain your fitness journey.

Hope it will help you to set your goals and make you confident , motivated and healthier.

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