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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Plank is a wonderful body weight exercise. It is one of the most effective exercise.

for strengthening entire core muscle, front and back. The benefits of plank is not just concentrated to your core muscles. It works on your shoulder blades , biceps and arms muscles, develops the muscles of butts, thighs, hamstring and calf.

It helps in improve body posture and stability. Planking boosts your mind and helps in releasing stress. Looking to have a flat stomach ,then go ahead with 1 min plank everyday.

Plank comes in compound exercise, It means more muscle involvement ,so by doing planks we can burn more calories. we have different variations of planks like side plank, suicide plank, plank-jacks , plank-up , plank crunches etc. Start with a simple plank pose and slowly increase by challenging your body with different plank pose. Plank comes with tons of benefits some of them are here -

  1. Plank helps to improve strength of core muscles.

  2. Helps to burn more calories.

  3. Helps to improve body posture.

  4. Helps to improve stability and balance

  5. It is a mind booster exercise

" Happy Planking"

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