Running is one of the best cardio

Running gets your heart beating, your blood pumping and your breath heavy so yes, It is most certainly counts as a best cardio. As we all know, It does not required any equipment, just a pair of shoes and you are ready to go. It is one of the best way to warmup your body.

There are many benefits of running to name a few -

  1. It helps in potential weight loss.

  2. It improves cardio vascular activity.

  3. Help in improving respiratory health.

  4. Reduces total blood cholesterol

  5. Strengthening of immune system.

  6. Running increases metabolism, even after running. One will continue to burn and increased level of calories for a short time after the run.

  7. Running is an effective way to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, common health issues, and tension.

So, what are you all waiting for just grab your perfect pair of shoes and hit the road towards being fit and healthier.

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