Why Skipping is the Best Cardio Workout

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

During this pandemic, where gyms are closed and we all are supposed to be remain indoors and follow social distancing, Skipping/jump rope is the best Cardio workout that you can do. There are innumerable benefits of jumping rope, I'll explain only a few important ones of them to keep this blog short, you can google search for the rest of them ☺

  1. ITS SIMPLE: First thing its very simple workout, you just need to jump and cross the rope under your feet. It is very cheap and easy to carry, you can get a good skipping rope easily within Rs 100-500 and can even carry it in a small bag while travelling. You can workout in your living room (while watching tv☺), in your hotel room, in balcony, on terrace, basically anywhere.

  2. CALORIE BURNER: It is a full body workout, it involves your shoulders, arms, wrists, core, back, thighs, legs, ankles, knees, glutes all at a time hence it burns a lot of calorie. Within 20 minutes of skipping you can easily burn 150-200 calories (depending on your weight and intensity). Don't believe me? It’s true (You can google search this also ☺)

  3. GOOD FOR HEART: Any cardio activity that elevates your heart rate is going to improve your cardiovascular system. Hence, regular jumping rope will keep your heart healthy.

4. IMPROVES COORDINATION & BALANCE: When you start to learn skipping, you'll initially find it difficult but very soon you'll build your hand, leg, eye & ears coordination. Your legs will know that it needs to jump when your wrist reaches a certain position and when your eyes sees the rope at a certain time and when ears hear the whipping sound from a certain direction. Your body will become very coordinated and balanced.

5. LESS IMPACT & LESSER CHANCES OF INJURY: As a people tend to jump higher, but as you progress you'll be jumping only 1-2 inches off the floor. It has lesser impact on your body and hence lesser injuries compared to other workouts.

6. IMPROVES MENTAL HEALTH & CONCENTRATION: All cardio workouts releases feel good hormones, these are called endorphins. While skipping, the release of of these hormones make you feel good, stress free and positive. Also, you need to concentrate constantly on the rope, it's sound, it's position, when to rotate and when to jump. It will improve your concentration and help you focus better in other spheres of life as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab your rope and start jumping. Few points of safety from my side:

  1. Always wear shoes

  2. As far as possible avoid jumping on hard surface, use your yoga mat or jump on soft ground

  3. Don't jump on your heels, try to be on the ball of feet.

  4. Try to jump as low as possible, Remember, you are to jump only to pass a small rope of few millimeters in size, You need to jump only 1-2 inches.

  5. Try to learn new and different tricks like single leg, alternate leg, crisscross, side swings, double under, etc. It will make your Skipping sessions more interesting and challenging and also multiply the benefits.

  6. Always warm up and cool down, keep at least 5 minutes for warm up and 10 minutes for cool down.

With patience and consistency you'll be a jumping like a boss within a few months.

Happy Jumping and wish you lots of good health ☺

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